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The 21-Day Challenge

The 21-Day Quick Cleanse combines our anti-inflammatory SHAPE Nutrition Protocol with the SHAPE Drops to help you quickly cleanse and detoxify, boost your immune system and reduce inflammation. (You may even lose a few pounds!)

When you complete the 21-Day Quick Cleanse, you can continue to take the SHAPE Drops as a daily supplement for whole body support. We recommend completing a 21-Day Quick Cleanse 2-4 times per year to maintain optimal health and give your body a healthy boost.

The provided booklet has instructions on how to do the cleanse, as well as a complete food list and meal plan. In addition to this booklet, you can refer to resources at ShapeReClaimedPatients.com. There you will find over 300 approved recipes and educational articles that answer common questions.

The 21-Day Quick Cleanse is only offered through certified SHAPE practitioners. This maintains the integrity and safety of the program and allows customization to your unique needs. You have already met with your SHAPE practitioner to discuss your health history, completed a baseline urinalysis and received a bottle of SHAPE Drops with this booklet. You will also need to set a follow-up schedule for weekly urinalyses and adjustments to the cleanse protocol as needed.

Enjoy the next 21 days as you cleanse and revitalize your mind and body!